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Roseland Musical is a company founded by Marta Almirall with more than 30 years’ experience in creation and production of Dance for all audiences with a special interest in bringing dance to children.
From the beginning, the company has been concerned to get the maximum quality in your shows, so that the company has been working with great professionals in each artistic field.
The music has been specially composed for each of our shows by the composer José Manuel Pagán, our scripts by David Cirici and Manuel Veiga have been born from original and bold ideas.
The career of the company is supported by 10 productions that have been performed in many countries: Flit Flit (1990) , The house by the window (1997) , The thousand and one nights (1999) , The unnamed country (2001) , Canal Roseland (2004) , Crazy Face (2006) , Catalonia Stars (2007) , Navy Blue  (2009) , Pinocchio (2010) and Journey to the center of the earth (21st century).
In 2007 the company received the National Prize of Culture in Dance category becoming the first company of family audience to receive this award.
During these years the company has also been working in the choreographic and artistic direction of several events in Spain and abroad, as the opening ceremony – choreography and costume design for “The joy of water” of International ExpoZaragoza 2008, the artistic and choreographic direction of Barcelona Christmas Parade from 2005 to 2008, the artistic direction of street arts of Mercè Barcelona Festival from 2005 to 2008, the Artistic and choreographic direction of several editions of Specials Olympics Games, the opening ceremony of Forum Barcelona 2004,  the artistic direction of the centenary of Football Club Barcelona (1999),  among others.
The world Roseland appeared on the big screen in the film directed by Rosa Verges TIC TAC presented at the Berlin Film Festival which received several awards in Children’s Film Festivals in the United States and Italy, nominated for a Goya Price for best musical composition.
The work of Franc Aleu, visual artist, winner of the edition of Premis Nacionals de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya in 2012 in the audiovisual section for the impact of his visual creations, created a new theatrical language in our two last productions Pinocchio and Journey to the center of the Earth.
Journey to the center of the Earth is the new production that premiered on last July in GREC 2015 Festival of Barcelona as a festival coproduction.
The 3D effect leads to the audience towards surprising dimensions where dance, music and the virtual reality coexist in perfect synchrony.