Since its inception the company has sought the maximum quality in their shows. Elevent dance theater productions prove its success. “Flit, Flit” (1990), “Crazy Face” (1993), “The House by the Window” (1997), “A Thousand and One Nights” (1999), “The Country Without a Name” (2001), “Canal Roseland” (2004), “Crazy Face” versioned in 2006, “Catalonia Stars” (2007), “The Triplets and Leonardo da Vinci” (2008) and “Navy Blue” (2009). The company has made dance, toothbrushes, flies and beetles, flowers, ears and noses, mussels and squid on several theatres in Catalonia, Spain, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United States, Israel, Canada, and Norway… with the goal of bringing the magic of dance everywhere.