Dance for children from 1 to 4 years old
In a corner of forest, among mushrooms that hide surprises, our character is sleeping caressed by a sweet melody. Upon awakening, he feels drawn to know how a common day is for a child in a big city.
It will not be “One day” like any other for him, full of new things, but it will be a common day for the children audience who, little by little and step by step, will see in the magical transformation of this corner of forest their objects, their sounds, their adventures, their emotions, even the place where their dreams appear!


Dance and multimedia. For viewers from 6 years.
An innovative and visual show inspired by one of the best-known works of the father of science-fiction.
A descent in which our dancers will discover amazing beings and landscapes, as well as cultural residues that humanity has left behind over time. Classical choreographies, breakdance and contemporary dance in a travel through underground worlds created by digital imagery.


Dance and multimedia. For spectators from 5 to 12 years.
The play tells the story of Pinocchio using the linguistic codes of our times: the new technologies, the syncretism of the arts and aesthetics, the image over the word and the integration of people of all ages.For an hour the mythical character comes to life thanks to the creative love of his father, the famous Geppetto, who in this version builds Pinocchio with cans, newspapers and other recycled materials.Tangled in situations renovated from the classic tale, Pinocchio moves through animated mutant scenery enveloping the viewer in a fantasy world full of references, feelings and emotions