10 X 10 m x 5 m
1.50 m free space next to the stage in both sides
3 entrances each side
Height of the scenography: 4.5 m
1 mixer
P.a. powerful enough for the space
2 monitors on just two points in the scenario
Power amplifiers and wiring needed
21 P.C. 1000 w
19 cuts 50º
2 cuts 15º/30º
4 par 64 Nº1 (very narrow)
4 par 64 Nº2 (narrow)
33 channel dimmer 2 kW.
Programmable lighting console
Structures needed to set-up 3 streets in each side of the stage
Black linoleum floor
Venetian black camera with 3 streets
Rear Projection Screen 8m x 6m
1 Ethernet cable from the technical control cabin to the rear projector
1 Ethernet cable from the technical control cabin to the frontal projector
2 DVI cables, 2 long meters each one
1 computer screen with keyboard and mousse
An open rod for hanging the curtain of tulle between the mouth and the first electrified rod
it’s basic that theatre provides 2 projectors, minimum 12.000 lumens projector with the appropriate optic according to the projection distance and  8.000 lumens overhead projector.
2 lighting technicians and 1 stagehand
2 dressing rooms
6 hours minimum
Technical Manager of light and sound:
Gonzalo Colosia: 650559184
Video technician:
Jordi Pont: 626082178
Show’s duration: 55 min.